Why "Pack of 7"

"The important thing about the number 7 is not the number, but the message. It tells us to always be aware of how important organisational decisions are.

Team structure, Time and Task Planning, Quality and Expectation Management... The right decisions result in great quality, high speed and low costs to secure the project goals and thereby our client’s goals."

- Peter Potrafky

The decision to start Pack of 7 was made by Peter Potrafky on a Sunday (7th day of the week) in 2014 ( 2+0+1+4 = 7 ). The company started with a small team of 7 people. So far, the dates were  coincidental but the number 7 was very present. With our collective experience, we knew that the number 7 was a powerful number when it comes to organising structures, the behaviour of systems and the capacity of the human brain.

Most people can retain roughly seven items of information in their short-term memory. Seven is also a good fit for our attention span, as long as the information is presented in seven groups. That is why phone numbers in the U.S. and many other countries tend to have seven digits. Or think about the week with its 7 days – a great number to keep an overview and plan your life based on that partitioning.

Traditionally, number seven has been given precedence over other numbers by many cultures and religions. The 7 capital sins and the 7 catholic Sacraments, the 7 days resulting in the Creation of the World mentioned in the Bible, the 7 chakras in Hinduism, the ancient Jewish candelabrum with 7 candles and the 7 wonders of the world.

Nature also seems to like the 7 as it is very prevalent. There are 7 oceans, 7 continents, 7 vertebrae in the neck, 7 layers of skin, ocean waves roll in sevens, the global economy has a 7-year cycle, the rainbow has 7 colours, sound has 7 notes, there are 7 holes in your head (go ahead and count them).

The more we thought about the number the more we found that we are subconsciously using it in our own daily work as well. 7 people is a very good team size with good spirit to solve one specific problem. 7 is the right number of tasks to work on at the same time. We have made good experiences with dividing the time period between design to deployment in 7 milestones. In working with us you will find the number 7 from time to time on different occasions since it is part of several of our processes.

Our Mission


Pack of  7 is an IT consulting and implementation firm with departments in Australia and Europe.

We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that empowers our clients 

Pack of 7 understands the importance for software to be intuitive and easy to use and strive to deliver the highest quality applications, that make peoples work lives more enjoyable. When you partner with Pack of 7, our experienced software developers aim for any project is to enhance your function and maximise your profitability with software applications that produce improved business outcome.

We cover everything from conception over design, implementation and maintenance of 

Our Framework

During the software development phase things can change. When you partner with Pack of 7 we get to know you and take a dive deep into learning the needs of your company. With a strong relationship, understanding and an agile approach to developing applications we work with you at each step of the way. This way we can assure that our applications are the exact implementations you need even when your needs change.


In Budget & On Time


We are characterized by high quality. We deliver these to you - 100% in compliance with the agreed deadlines and budget. Your satisfaction is our top priority, any obstacles will be overcome with unconditional commitment. In addition to technical expertise, our employees have the ability to think flexibly and creatively. This is how we achieve our goal: your satisfaction.

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