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Power Platform

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The Power Platform to serve your requirements


Pack of 7 builds powerful solutions for your business using the Microsoft Power Platform.

The Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of tools that lets you analyse data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents.

The idea of the Microsoft Power Platform is to build business solutions in a very short amount of time on a small budget. It is very common for our clients that they realise already during the design phase that the limitations are too narrow.

Building a Standard Power Platform Solution is easy. Our strength lies in integrating the solution with your existing LOB applications and expanding the possibilities of a typical Power Platform Solution with coded solution parts in order to fullfill your requirements 100%.

The solutions we work on with our clients are never only standard Power Platform Solutions. There is always at least one requirement that involves adding an interface to an LOB application or expanding the UI in a way that's not part of the standard Power Platform.


We break the chains

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