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Push the boundaries

Are you reaching the limits with your Business Application or do you need a more centralized and specialized solution for your business need? We offer bespoke software solutions based on the IT systems you already own.

Your Business Application is the centrepiece of you and your users daily productive work. It not only needs to have all the necessary features and connect to your LOB applications seamlessly. It has to offer an amazing experience to become accepted by your users. That’s why we have built our experience over the last 10 years not only by creating feature rich solutions but also by designing beautiful UIs with great user experience for the Web as well as for the Mobile platforms iOS and Android.

Whether it be the Management of Tasks, Appointments, Events, Room bookings, Recruitment, Onboarding, Auditing, Knowledge/Skills, Online Trainings, Surveys and many more. Pack of 7 has successfully built solutions for all types of business processes in the past.

The good news

With Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365 you already have an extremely valuable asset that we use as the platform to build the solution on. You save at least 50% of the development costs and 100% of operating costs.

The better news

We have the experience and the software framework that lets us build that fully customized application (UI and Workflow fits exactly and 100% your need – no limits!) that automates your full business process.

You have
the asset

We have the experience

Some processes
we have automated

  • Team Collaboration Applications

  • Fleet Management

  • Task Management

  • Approval Process Workflows

  • Knowledge Management

  • Online Training

  • Recruitment Approval & Onboarding

  • Audit/Inspection/Review

  • Room Management

  • Appointment Management

  • Calendar Applications

  • Survey/Voting Systems

  • And many more

What everybody

else does


What we do


Benefits of a
Pack of 7 application built on SharePoint

  • A new application with no additional platform or license costs: SharePoint is already licensed and maintained

  • Cloud-Ready

  • All necessary security already implemented and IT compliant

  • No IT Department collaboration needed

  • No delay - implementation can start immediately

  • Centralised and shared information

  • Custom solution geared to addresses your specific requirements. No extraneous functions

  • Data interfaces with standard reporting tools

SharePoint Application Specialists


Implementing a framework to streamline corporate processes is an integral aspect of maintaining a competitive advantage in a new market setting. The centralisation of company processes and business network management helps business owners to save time and money.


As your company has a problem that an out-of-the-box implementation of SharePoint fails to solve, our experienced developers can extend the SharePoint platform to resolve the problem.


Using SharePoint to host your applications, we integrate these new tools into the system that you're already using. We make sure that you have full control over users and data already built into SharePoint.


Continuous support from a reliable technical support team that has been involved in the development of your application. We are familiar with your applications and can resolve any problems along the way.

How we work with our Clients

Are you interested and want to know more? No problem! Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to work through an amazing solution.

Your point of contact

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