Take real advantage by moving your legacy applications to the cloud

Moving applications to the cloud as they are might save you operating costs. But the real potential of migrating to the cloud lies in the overhaul, modernisation and improvement of the application with a cost saving strategy using the existing cloud services.

What we are good at

Pack of 7 is very good at taking a complex legacy application and transforming it to a fast, beautiful and cost effective web based application with high user acceptance that uses your cloud services and runs on your Web browsers and your mobile devices.

Example Case "Branch Auditing"

A client from the Insurance sector asked us how they could bring an old legacy Windows application onto their newly purchased cloud service (in this case Microsoft 365). The legacy application was managing and documenting the regularly conduction of safety, security and process checks in the client’s branches. It was a classical client/server Windows application with a ton of Office Excel macro files, a few Access databases and 2 SharePoint solutions that were connected to the applications data for reporting purposes. The system was quite fragmented and had been built by different users over more than 10 years. The users were partly not even working at the client anymore, so the development know how was already lost.

Compliance concept with icons for regula

Since they were already using SharePoint for reporting purposes, we took this system and transformed it into a Web based application with a brand new full screen UI and used SharePoint as the underlying database and at the same time as the WebServer to host the application.

The client got a brand new application UI with zero operational costs (the former necessary server was’n needed any more) capable of running on the already existing SharePoint of their cloud system. The installation was a simple copy/past operation that was done on one evening during the week.

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