Profile Manager

Profile maintenance made easier then ever.

Once again you are faced with a challenge and don't know what to do next. Christian Lindner's motto “Problems are just thorny opportunities” is no longer of any use to you and you are now looking for an expert who could help you further. But where was the expert on this topic again? Was it in C-345 or in AW-35?

Our partners describe the situation described above to us again and again. For this reason we have decided to generalize our Profile Manager. This solution allows your employees to find colleagues who have certain competencies and can thus contribute to solving problems in a targeted manner. Employee profiles are often the first documents when it comes to placing an employee in the project business. In addition, a searchable profile database is often required so that employees with special skills can be found and deployed in a targeted manner. It is all the more important that the profiles of every employee are well maintained and always up-to-date.

Thanks to simple web-based forms, our profile management supports you and your colleagues in maintaining profiles. It is also possible to search for profiles based on skills and availability.

Profile documents no longer have to be typed manually in Word, which leads to many errors, e.g. in the uniform layout. The Profile Manager generates your profiles at the push of a button. The representation of employees naturally fulfills all criteria of your corporate design.

Profile Management

The profile manager offers a powerful search function for your employees. Your employees can be found quickly. Our application is completely web-based and can be used regardless of location.

Faster expert search leads to faster problem solving

Automatically generated employee profile in corporate design

Motivate employees through the public presentation of their skills and projects

Data protection compliant solution

Very easy to use

Profile Manager was developed using the latest technology

The ProfileManager has been developed on the basis of the latest technology. This is how we ensure that you receive a future-proof product from us. The application is completely cloud-ready. You don't need any additional servers to host the application. Our solution can not only be integrated into Azure, we can also integrate it into SharePoint. Regardless of whether on-premise or in O365.

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