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The Framework for Applications is Pack of 7's underlying technology for all of our successful Full Page Client Applications. It's the result from many years of pursuing the best possible applications, solving problems, speeding up the development process and lowering project costs. With the Framework for Applications we are able to create simple to highly sophisticated full-page applications on all kinds of databases and third party systems that run both in the web browser and on the mobile phone.


Each application we build for you is based on our feature rich Framework for Applications. That means that you get a huge amount of features and adapters to your existing systems without any cost right from the start. It also minimises the time needed for the first results. We build Mock-ups and Proof of Concepts in record time.


When you want to digitise one of your internal B2B or B2C business processes you have 2 ways you can go. You can either look for an existing SAAS solution that solves 75% of your requirements (if you're lucky). Or you can build a solution from scratch and get 100% of your requirements.

Framework for Applications is the implementation of the idea that the optimal path lies in the middle of those extreme approaches. We took the application parts that appear in every application and built them into the framework.

In a modern web/mobile application, you often have one or more surrounding systems and databases to store the applications data. Framework for Applications has a huge number of adapters to all kinds of well-known existing systems, therefore we can easily connect your business systems to the application we build for you.

Multi Tenant Service


The Multi-Tenant Service allows applications to be separated into different tenants (e.g. subdivisions). Technically, the service creates entities for each tenant and separates the operational data so that no tenant can see or change the data of another tenant. The service can be configured so that it is possible to have overlapping data if there is a requirement.

Multilanguage Service


The Multilanguage Service allows you to create as many language translations as you want for your application. It also lets the user choose his or her language. The selection is stored for each user by the User Settings Service.

Configuration Service


Each application we build for you is highly configurable. You can configure all texts (labels, button labels, messages), important numbers, thresholds etc. The Configuration Service is taking care of that, and it gives you an application page that describes and lets you change each parameter for each of your application languages.


Extension Service

Each Service of the Framework for Applications can be extended with functionality according to your requirements.

User Settings Service


Each application has a configurational part that is user specific (e.g. the selected language or loading previous user sessions and their last visited page). The User Settings Service lets us save those settings for the application for each user individually so that the user always finds his or her personal settings when starting the application.

UI Components


The UI Components comprise a vast number of UI components for data input, displaying of text, table data, list data, calendar components, paging components and many more. The whole UI is comprised of those components. The framework is based on the popular Material Design Language. In most application cases the existing components are sufficient, and no additional components need to be implemented.

Layouts Service


The Layout Service contains a huge number of predefined page layouts for all kinds of page requirements. In most cases those page layouts are sufficient for the needed application pages. After choosing a layout for a page, the page areas are filled with the necessary UI Components and the business logic is built behind the scenes to get the page running.


Design Service

The fonts, colours, paddings, border-widths and other design elements that influence the appearance of the application be changed with ease via the Design Service in a central place.

Logo Service

The Logo Service is a little service that lets us change the logo image of the application.

Diagrams Service


For Report Pages or Dashboards, the framework has a huge number of diagrams like Line-Area-Charts, Bar-Charts, Heat-Map-Charts, Pie-Charts, Gauge-Charts, Polar/Radar-Charts, Number-Card-Charts, Tree-Map-Charts and Bubble-Charts that can be used to visualise important information.

Logging Service


The Framework has a built-in standardised logging service. Each application we write contains a massive amount of logging for different log-levels so your application monitoring systems can watch and react to application warnings or errors at all times.

Adapters Service


Many applications are built to show, change or extend (process extension) data from your already existing systems, applications or databases. Framework for Applications has a huge number of adapters to all kinds of systems that make the integration into your new application easy.

SharePoint Adapter


A special Adapter to Microsoft SharePoint is mentioned here separately because other than only connecting to the system to create, read, update and delete data it contains many more features such as: synchronising data between SharePoint and other databases, components for picking users or interacting with SharePoint workflows, and many more.

Permissions Service


Every application contains rules for user permissions. They define what different user groups are allowed to do in the different areas of the application or if they are allowed at all to use that area. Framework for Applications makes it easy to define and implement those rules into the application.

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