Create an O365 Custom Solution in 30 Minutes


This WebCast shows you how to create a fully usable application by starting with a blank SharePoint Page. We only use standard SharePoint features that you already have on your SharePoint.

The example we use to demonstrate the creation of the application is a Skill Finder-Application. It is a very rough and basic form of our full featured portfolio application "Skillify" and it demonstrates what's already possible in a short amount of time.


  1. Create blank SharePoint page on premise

  2. Build and show the application Step by Step

  3. Demonstrate the features of the application

  4. Copy the application to Office365 without changes

  5. Demonstrate the application on Office365

LIVE365 WebCasts are dedicated to a single interested client and are open for Q&A. All information shared/questions asked remain strictly confidential.


About the presenter

Ryan Wilson, Lead Architect Skillify

Ryan is the Lead Architect of the Skill Finder Solution Skillify. He has several years of experience in designing and developing O365/SharePoint based Solutions. He is a Consultant specializing in Web, Cloud, and Mobile. In those arguably rare moments he’s not busy slinging code you may find him out Woodworking, Off-Roading or hiking in the remote wilderness.


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