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Connect Teams with your Business Data

Microsoft Teams Development

Do you use Teams for group chats and video calls? For connecting, accessing, sharing and coauthoring files in real time? For keeping notes, documents and appointments together? That's great.

Now let's integrate your data, documents, applications and processes right into Teams.

Developing customized Teams applications that integrate your business data and legacy applications and that meet your unique needs is what we do best.

A dedicated team for your requirements

Our developers, architects and project managers have many years of business and IT experience. You get a dedicated project manager for your project and the team we put together will always have a business lead as well as a technical lead. We always start with understanding your business situation before we put together a team that is the best fit.

Extensive Microsoft knowledge and experience

We are very proud of our extensive practical experience beginning with the first version of Office Server Extensions in early 2000 up to the full range of Microsoft's cloud productivity technologies like Office 365, Azure, Teams and the Power Platform.

With literally millions of lines of code and a proven and reliable Software Framework as the result of more than 100 person years of concrete project experience in different business areas we have a high quality and cost effective basis for tailoring and implementing your solution in record time.

Example Application
"Contracts in Teams"


This application was built for a client from the financial sector who needed a tool to negotiate complex contracts with internal and/or external partners with several people with different roles (therefore permissions for the use of the application and for the underlying document parts).

The negotiation is broken down to single chapters of the whole contract, so single chapters can be negotiated by different people. At the and of the negotiation, when all chapters are confirmed by all people, the application puts the chapters together to the resulting one to several main contracts.

Of course the application uses the group chat and video functionality of teams for the negotiation.

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