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Controlled Power Platform Governance

Stay in control of your Power Platform right from the start with our methodical step by step process model that builds up a Governance system that fits your organisation perfectly.

From chaos to order

Developing a Governance strategy for Power Platform might seem like a losing battle. There are 3rd pary tools on the market that promise to fully automate the process but don't adapt to your organisational characteristics and are limited more to monitoring the system.

A lot of rather abstract information can be found that give more of a direction to the goal than a clear step by step path.

But it's worth it to face this challenge. Building a good Governance system is the only obstacle you need to overcome to unleash the amazing potential that Power Platform offers for your organisation.

We took our experience and the tools from many past Governance projects and developed a process model consisting of the 4 phases Preparation - Business Analysis - Design - Implementation.

Each phase will be tailored to your needs and has tools and deliverables that guarantee the optimal entrance to the next phase respectively.

Settings, Processes, Knowledge & Tools

As a result of this process model, you will get

  • a perfectly setup Power Platform environment

  • a fully-fledged Power Platform Hub in SharePoint as a starting point and knowledge hub for beginner and professional level makers and people who are interested in developing apps and flows

  • processes and tools for the monitoring of environment changes

  • processes and tools for engaging employees as developers or power developers

  • processes and tools for 

    • keeping the Tenant tidy

    • sharing apps and flows wisely

    • protecting the organisation data

  • several approval processes for new environments or changes, new apps or flows, transitioning employees to getting Power Platform roles

  • processes and tools that implement the Governance and Feedback Cycle

The Governance Cycle

One of the most important parts of the Governance Development Process is the preparation for the Governance and Feedback Cycle. Together with you we define and implement all necessary processes and tools to get this cycle process running as soon as the setup of the Power Platform is finished.

The key goals of the Power Platform Governance Cycle are

  • constant improvement of your Power Platform

  • reacting to changes in the organization

  • incorporating the organisations know-how

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