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Power Platform
Maturity Assessment

Navigating Microsoft's Power Platform.

A Roadmap for Balancing Innovation and Control.


Microsoft's Power Platform brings an extensive array of features, empowering more people than ever to craft innovative business solutions.

Today’s organizations need to swiftly adopt Microsoft's Power Platform to harness its many opportunities, while exercising control to prevent the hazards of uncontrolled development. We want the perfect balance between limiting developers' freedom while granting them the appropriate level of autonomy.

At Pack of 7 we base our Power Platform Maturity projects on Microsoft’s official “Power Platform adoption maturity model”. With it’s set of 7 competencies and 101 capabilities it supports our methodic process to map your business needs to more granular

business capabilities and to create a strategic roadmap that can be implemented.

Start with a professional assessment

As a starting point for every maturity development of your organisation, you want to know where your organisation stands and how to move ahead in a systematic and measurable way.

Pack of 7’s Power Platform Maturity Assessment is the result of many maturity projects with our successful clients and the starting point for your maturity journey.

It will give you

  • a greater understanding of how to leverage Power Platform's features to maximize your investment,

  • a documented report of where your organisation stands regarding business competencies and capabilities,

  • a list of quick wins that can be implemented immediately,

  • and an actionable and measurable high-level roadmap for what’s to come.

3 Days and you know where to go

We run a 3-day workshop series with the following outcomes:

Day 1 – Introduction

  • Presentation of the model.

  • Definition of vision and purpose of Power Platform in your organisation.

  • Deployment of Centre of Excellence + Pack of 7’s Power BI extension.

  • Assessment of Platform maturity - Part 1 (Strategy & Vision, Business Value, Admin & Governance).

Day 2 - Assessment

  • Platform maturity assessment - Part 2 (Support, Nurture and Citizen Makers, Automation, Fusion Teams).

  • Identify quick wins and plan immediate implementation.

Day 3 – Insight

  • Work out insights, risks, opportunities, roadmap.

  • Document insights, findings, report, quick wins, roadmap, stakeholder slide deck.

  • Discuss next steps.

Duration: 3 days

Price: $5000 (+ GST)

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