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Robotic Process Automation

Transform your repetitive business tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software technology designed to streamline and automate business processes and digital tasks. An RPA bot can be configured to perform a range of human actions- these can include emulating mouse clicks and keyboard inputs, automatically enter and fill data into a spreadsheet or extract text from an email. It excels at performing these repetitive mundane tasks, freeing time for employees to focus on other rewarding and thoughtful work.

An RPA workflow can be configured to emulate a wide range of human actions and business tasks:

  • Fill and extract data from forms.

  • Navigate UI on legacy applications and web browsers.

  • Copy and Manage files and folders within systems.

  • Logging into services- both Cloud-based and legacy applications.

  • Scan, extract and analyse data from PDF files for Invoice Data processing.

  • Run PowerShell Scripts to query/manage Active Directory Accounts.

Common Types of RPA

RPA workflows can be developed within the following environments and provide differing capabilities:

  • Automate modern applications via API based services in the web (Cloud flows)

  • UI-based automation for interacting and performing with Legacy Applications (Desktop Flows)


RPA bots can run in four categories:

  • Attended - Typically implemented when human intervention is required, usually running the workflow manually and monitoring the process. Run desktop flows or respond to prompts on your desktop device.

  • Unattended- Allows the process to run end-to-end automatically without any intervention. This is ideal for running on a scheduled basis or without human supervision. Run desktop flows autonomously on your desktop devices or virtual machines.

  • Hybrid- A combination of attended and unattended to combine an automation workflow consisting of both front office and back-office operations.

  • Hosted RPA- Run desktop flows with human interaction or autonomously on cloud-hosted infrastructure that automatically scales with vendors providing and hosting the machines which the RPA bot runs.

The benefits of RPA

  • Boost productivity- Reducing time to complete a repetitive task such as an employee onboarding/offboarding process, freeing time to be spent provided other high-value tasks.

  • Improved accuracy- minimizing any potential human error when performing tasks.

  • Increased efficiency- the bot can be run at any time that is specified by the user, unlike us humans which like to take breaks.

  • Strengthened compliance- RPA bot only follows what has been configured so any actions performed can provide reassurance that it complies with your organisations policies and regulations.

Moving forward with RPA

Implementing an RPA solution can be complex and will vary from one organization to the next. Identifying a business process that is structured and repetitive is a good starting point with use cases in multiple industries:

  • Finance with Accounts Processing and Approvals

  • HR with Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

  • IT with System Testing and Integration

  • Healthcare with Evaluating Risk Assessments

  • And many more

Pack of 7 offers a free 4 hour consultation session to discuss and identify a first pilot process suitable for RPA. Furthermore we offer a money back guarantee for a 2 day Proof of Concept for new customers. If you don't like the result, we don't charge you.

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