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Regain Control of
Microsoft 365

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 with our expert Managed Services. From seamless migration to ongoing optimization, trust us to maximize your productivity and security.

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Streamline your M365's day-to-day operations.

Our Microsoft Support Service offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance for your M365 environment. With our expert team by your side, you can trust in reliable support that enhances productivity and minimizes downtime.

Technical Assistance
Technical guidance and support (troubleshooting issues, answering questions, helping customers make the most of the platform's capabilities).


Customisation and Development
Customising and developing solutions (creating custom apps, workflows, dashboards, or reports tailored to the customer's specific needs).

Training and Education

Training programs, workshops, and resources (training sessions for administrators, developers, and end-users to improve their skills and understanding of the platform).


Integration Services

Integrate Power Platform/M365 with other systems and applications within their IT infrastructure (Microsoft products like Dynamics 365 or third-party services and APIs).

Performance Monitoring and Optimisation

Monitoring and optimising (efficiency, scalability, user experience) performance of solutions & platform (identifying bottlenecks, improving data processing, and enhancing overall system performance).

Security and Compliance

Ensuring compliance with security and regulations (implementing security measures, access controls, data encryption, conducting security audits to protect customer data and privacy).


Upgrade and Migration Assistance

Upgrading to new versions of products and migrating existing solutions to ensure compatibility, stability, and continuity of operations.


License Management

Manage licenses effectively, including advising on the appropriate licensing options based on your organisations needs and usage patterns.


Empower your business with expert Power Platform Support Service.

Ensure seamless operations and optimisation of your Power Platform environment, empowering your business to drive innovation and achieve its goals effectively. Our Power Platform Support Service provides you with the smoothest and most reliable operations.



Our comprehensive Power Platform Support Service is a tailored variant of the Microsoft 365 Support Service.


Supporting and troubleshooting issues related to Microsoft's Power Platform suite of tools. This includes Power BI (business analytics and data visualization), Power Apps (low-code app development), Power Automate (workflow automation), Power Virtual Agents (chatbots), Power Pages (external web-sites connected to Power Platform).


The support provided for Power Platform typically includes assistance with

  • Governance of the Power Platform with its environments, dashboard etc.

  • Designing, developing, and deploying solutions using the Power Platform tools.

  • Configuring data connections, creating custom apps, automating workflows, and optimizing performance within the Power Platform ecosystem.

Special case "Staff turnover"

We're committed to helping you overcome your challenges caused by

staff turnover, which can lead to abandoned Power Platform solutions.


We take care of this issue with our proactive measures:


  • Maintain, enhance, keep up-to-date and future-proof your solutions

  • Train your staff extensively & transfer knowledge

  • Document your solutions to avoid future loss of knowledge

  • 8am-6pm support & help desk


Our proactive approach and dedicated support team minimise abandoned solutions, ensuring you regain the full value of your investment.



Streamline your Microsoft user and group management

Simplify your User & Group Management. We manage your user accounts and groups with our expert service and efficiently control access, permissions, and security settings, ensuring a secure and organized environment for your Microsoft 365 users.

We provide comprehensive solutions to help organizations effectively manage user accounts and group memberships within their Microsoft 365 environment. This encompasses:

  • User Provisioning and Onboarding

  • Access Control and Permissions Management

  • Group Management and Collaboration

  • Identity and Authentication Solutions

  • User Lifecycle Management

Our service includes monitoring user activities, access logs, and security incidents within Microsoft 365. We generate comprehensive reports and analytics to track user behavior, audit access controls, detect anomalies, and provide insights for continuous improvement and compliance adherence.


Ensure compliance, security, and business alignment.

Get back controll by creating and implementing the policies, processes, and controls that ensure the efficient, secure, and compliant use of your Microsoft 365 platform.


When users begin generating content such as Teams, SharePoint sites, Power Platform solutions, Loop components, and other structural elements, administrators often struggle to maintain control amidst the resulting chaos. Our automated platform governance solution is designed to address and mitigate this growing disorder.

  • Defining policies that govern the usage and creation of the various Microsoft 365 features and objects.

  • Enforcing these policies through automated handling of violations, ensuring compliance and security.

  • Creating comprehensive dashboards that offer control and oversight across all aspects of Microsoft 365.

  • Implementing controlled provisioning processes for Teams and SharePoint sites, maintaining consistency, order and organisation.

  • Continuously managing resource releases to users, ensuring efficient and secure utilization.

With our automated Microsoft 365 Platform Governance solution, we provide you with the control center necessary to effectively manage, organize, and secure your platform for the long term.



Secure your M365 assets with Managed Backup & Recovery

Ensure the continuous protection, backup, and rapid recovery of critical data to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity within your Microsoft 365 environment. From permissions mishaps to ransomware attacks, our enterprise cloud-to-cloud backup mitigates risks and guarantees data resilience. Don't gamble with data integrity—be prepared for any scenario with reliable backup and recovery.

The Service Level Agreement that comes with Microsoft 365 is essential for guaranteeing the availability of their cloud services like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Entra. However, the SLA primarily focus on service availability rather than data protection, leaving your organization vulnerable to data loss and corruption.

Even Microsoft itself promotes the use of third-party enterprise cloud backup solutions, since many essential services like Entra ID lack native backup options. This gap underscores the critical need for a comprehensive cloud backup and recovery solution to safeguard your vital data.

Our Data Protection Service utilizes AvePoint's Cloud Backup product as a reliable ally in this domain, giving us a robust platform to protect your data proactively. We give you back the control over your data and ensure that you can recover swiftly from data loss incidents caused by permissions errors, data corruption, or other more complex scenarios.

The key features of our M365 Backup & Recovery Service are:

  1. Data Protection: Our solution provides comprehensive protection against data loss, enabling organizations to bounce back swiftly from any unforeseen data-related challenges.

  2. Granular Recovery: Organizations can recover data at a granular level, minimizing the impact of data loss incidents and ensuring business continuity.

  3. Long-term Retention: Your meet your retention requirements effectively, surpassing the limitations of service-provided SLAs.

  4. Security: You get robust encryption mechanisms, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your sensitive data.

  5. Seamless Integration: As Software as a Service (SaaS), our Backup solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, eliminating the complexities associated with on-premises or hybrid backup solutions.

By leveraging AvePoint's Cloud Backup, organizations can simplify their cloud data protection strategy while ensuring comprehensive coverage and adherence to regulatory compliance standards. With over a decade of experience in cloud backup and a track record of safeguarding business-critical content, AvePoint stands out as a trusted partner in ensuring data security and resilience in the cloud computing landscape.


Maximize your M365 success with strategic and methodical adoption

We guide your organisation through the successful adoption and optimization of Microsoft 365, ensuring seamless integration, enhanced productivity, and long-term success. We smoothly transition to and maximize your use of Microsoft 365 and its features through guided implementation and methodic user adoption strategies.

  • Your users use different tools for the same goal?

  • Your organisation’s data is hard to locate and all over the place?

  • Your organisation’s processes a barely automated?

  • Your M365 ROI is not good and you’re not using M365’s full potential?

  • You have no solution to see and fix what your users are doing and creating?

  • You are overwhelmed by the complexity of Microsoft 365 and don’t know where to begin?

We have the methodology to change all of that in an organised and transparent way to give you back the control of your Microsoft 365 that you need to reach your organisation’s short-term and long-term goals.



Get the services you need for smooth and reliable M365 operations.

Further services are Reporting Package, Data Governance, Licensing Mgmt., Security Monitoring and Staff Training. Together with the above they build a comprehensive suite of managed services that guarantee seamless operations and peak performance for your Microsoft 365 environment.

Reporting Package

We provide comprehensive insights and analytics on user activities, system performance, and security incidents within your Microsoft 365 environment.

Data Governance

We develop strategies and set up and utilise Microsoft Purview to manage, protect, and govern your organisations data effectively, ensuring compliance, security, and privacy.

Licensing Management

We optimize your license usage, monitor subscriptions, and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.

Security Monitoring

We continuously monitor, analyse, and respond to security threats and incidents within your Microsoft 365 environment to ensure data protection and compliance.

Staff Training

We provide training and resources to empower your employees with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively utilise the Microsoft 365 tools and services.

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