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Power Platform Development

Microsoft Power Platform Development Service from Pack of 7 will help you get the most out of your organisation’s data and create better experiences for your employees and customers.

We’ll work with you to foster an application landscape where all your users are perfectly empowered.

Pack of 7 builds powerful solutions for your business using the Microsoft Power Platform. The Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of PAAS services that lets you analyse data, build business solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents with no code in a very short amount of time on a small budget.

Pack of 7's strength lies in building more complex Power Platform solutions like optimised showcase solutions, solutions that are connected to existing LOB applications or external systems or solutions that we extend with coded parts to fulfil special requirements.

Complex solutions

When it comes to large solutions and complex requirements you and your people know 

the challenges and opportunities for your business. No business is simple so complex solutions are appropriate in certain situations. Pack of 7 has the experience to design those solutions based on your requirements and to implement them compliant to your general IT and specific Power Platform Governance.

Template solutions

A perfectly implemented and well documented Showcase application is the best template for your citizen developers to orient their own development towards. Pack of 7 designs and implements such a solution together with you and we document the whole creation process from design to implementation.

Open solutions

If your solution needs to connect to external data or external systems, the available connectors are not always sufficient. Pack of 7 builds connectors to special external systems or your own LOB applications or creates coded Azure based business logic that can't be implemented in Power Platform and integrates all that back into your Power Platform system.

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