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Data Warehouse and Reporting Application based on existing Audit Solution

Reporting of aggr. Audit figures





10 Person Months

Angular 10, .NET Core 5.0, SQL Server

Client starting point

The client is using an Audit Management Solution (Pentana) for the management of their Audits. The Audit Tool doesn't provide sufficient reporting information in a simple way for the upper management of the client (simple, very aggregated information with drill down features).

The Solution

The application is a centralized web based mobile ready solution that shows highly aggregated data. It lets the user create views on the audit data based on the type of findings and the department structure. It offers drill down up to the details level of single audit findings. The solution creates a data warehouse database with all necessary aggregated data during the night. So the speed of the solution is very high - reaction times very short. The UI is very simple and guides the user narrowly.


The application was developed for appr. 100 level 1 and level 2 managers. The Client was the audit department responsible for the companies audit management. The project was triggered by requests of 2. level management that wanted to have a realtime look at aggregated audit data of their departments instead of waiting for manuelly created reports from their staff.

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