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Planning, Creating, Performing, Following Up Audits on your Branches

Management of Branch Audits





16 Person Months

O365 SharePoint, Angular 10, .NET Core 3.1, SQL Server

Client starting point

The client is an orgnisational department of a large logistics company and has around 1,200 branches to audit on a regular basis. They report directly to the board. The audit includes the check of all branch processes and assets. Around 40 employees are performing the audits fulltime. The audits were managed based on several Excel files together with a small and simple SharePoint solution with a few referencing lists. Audit results were documented into Word and Excel files with no standardised organisation. Creating the documents and finding specific information was very inefficient and mistakes wer made on a regular basis. Document got lost, mandatory checks were overseen. All those issues led to the department beeing a regular guest of the companies Audit department.

The Solution

The application lets auditors manage their branch audits during the year. It knows what audits a user has to perform when on what branches. It lets the managers plan those audits at the beginning of the year and change the planning during the year. It also creates necessary reports for the higher management. An EMail process sends information EMails to the according users. The auditors can document the audit results directly in the tool. In case there are still documents to upload, the user can do that and reference the documents to the according audit.


The application was developed for appr. 40 auditors. Microsoft Surface tablets are supported. The Client is an organisational department responsible for the auditing of all branches. The reporting part of the application is used by managers of the application and the reports are sent to level 1 management (CEO and one level below) of the company.

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