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Management of legally critical contracts with external partners

Contract Management





12 Person Months

M365, Angular 10, .NET Core 5.0, SQL Server

Client starting point

Die Client has a lot of contracts to negotiate with several external partners like service companies, clients or authorities.They wanted to use Microsoft Teams to negotiate via video and to document the results of the negotiations (document creation or changes during negotiation). The external partners had no Microsoft accounts.

The Solution

We created a full page solution (not embedded in SharePoint or Teams - full autonomous) that used Microsoft Teams Channels for the document filing (one channel per contract). The contracts are devided into negotiable parts and are then negotiated by the accoring people from both sides. Both sides sign the document part via button click. When all parts are negotiated, the application creates the full contracts and archives them.


The application was developed for all users of the client (appr. 15,000) and an undetermined number of exteral users. The client was the procurement department but the application was made available for all interested departments. The project was triggered by a digitalisation campagne of higher management.

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