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Managing internal and external Domain Names

Management of Domain Names





8 Person Months

O365 SharePoint, Angular 10, .NET Core 5.0

Client starting point

In larger organisations with various different products and services it is no unusual that a lot of Domain Names have to be created to represent all the different information pages that are needed internally for the employees and externally for clients and other interested people wanting to get information about the company.

In case of the client there ware already appr. 10.000 Domains in place that had to be managed and there were roughly 150 new Domains coming along every month. They had one department with the responsibility to manage all those Domains in a process starting with the application of the Domain name over several approvals by different people up to the implementation in the Name Servers. Deleting and changing Domain applications was also part of the responsibility. They managed all of that with a single Excel File. Applications came in via phone (applicants called them and gave them the necessary information on the phone). Adding new Domains to the name servers was also a manual process involving a ticketing system which was used to communicate the application to the people in charge of the name servers.

This half manual process led to a lot of mistakes which led to inaccessible WebSites for either internal employees and external clients. Additionally the process of implementing a new Domain Name took about 1.5 to 2 weeks until it was accessible.

The Solution

The application lets applicants apply for the creation of new domain names or the change or deletion of existing domain names.


The application was developed for appr. 10 manager users and 35,000 applying users. The Client is an organisational department responsible for the enterprise wide management of internal and external domain names.

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