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Warning system checking for compliance of the invitation rules of an Event Management System

Event compliance monitoring





10 Person Months

M365 SharePoint, Angular 10, .NET Core 5.0

Client starting point

The client was using the Event Management System Aventri to manage their larger client and partner events. The reporting module of Aventri is not good enough to deliver the necessary data for checking for the clients specific compliance rules (specific numbers of events per year per external and internal attendee, cost cap per year per user etc.). It was impossible for the client to manage the compliance rules of thousands of attendees and hundreds of events.

The Solution

The application lets its users create new events separated from the Event Management System Aventri or sync with events from Aventri. It then lets the user check for compliance for people he wants to invite (automatic check of a list of people with recommendataions about the compliance status). Several reports give the user information about the status of users and event regarding compliance (especially reports for accounting and audit). Furthermore is offers a cost overview for each event incl. accounting info.


The application was developed for appr. 10 users working for the event management department as an additional tool for their work.

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