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Management of the clients car fleet

Fleet car management





12 Person Months

M365 SharePoint, Angular 9, .NET Core 3.1

Client starting point

The client is managing around 1000 fleet cars in more than 30 cities. Until then they managed those cars (what car is it, what's the milage, how old is it, what was the initial cost, what's the running cost, where is the car, who drives it from when to when and what are future bookings of the car) at each location seperately. The utilization of the cars at each location was far from optimal and there were constantly issues with people whe booked a car that wasn't present at the booking time.

The Solution

The application lets managers add, delete and change cars. It lets them move cars from one locatoin to another. It lets regular users book cars at particular locations and times. It lets parking attentants check the drivers license of people taking their booked car. A reporting module gives administrators a good view on the utilization of the cars and the efficiency of a specific location.


The application was developed for appr. 3 managers, 60 parking attendants and 10,000 users/drivers. The Client was an organisational department responsible for the management of certain assets. The reporting part of the application was used by the managers to optimize the number of cars at each location and for the decision process around selling and buying fleet cars.

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