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Managing the changes in ownership of physical keys and code keys for all employees across the company

Key Ownership Management





15 Person Months

Angular 10, .NET Core 3.1, SQL Server

Client starting point

The client has a 4 digit number of Departments and Branches with valuable assets and critical and confidential data stored in vaults or safe areas secured by physical or digital keys. Building areas are secured by ID cards. Physical Keys and ID cards themselves are stored in vaults which are secured by codes or physical keys. Each lockable entity has 1 to 10 people with numbered keys. Those numbers led to around 200,000 keys, key cards and codes that had to be managed. Until then the possession of those keys/codes was management locally by the manager of the according department/branch with paper, Excel or other ways of documenting who has what key/code since when and until when.

The Solution

The appliocation is a centralised, web based mobile ready application for administrators, managers and all employess of the client. It lets administrators register new, delete old (i.e. broken) and change keys/codes (i.e. if a voult changes the building) keys. I lets managers give out or take back keys/codes to specific employees. It lets normal users give keys to other employees. It shows each of the roles a dashboard of the necessary information about the status of their keys/codes. The application uses the Active Directory to authenitcate the users when keys change the owner. The UI was fully customized to the needs of the client.


The application was developed for appr. 20 administrators, 2,000 managers and 35,000 normal users. The Client was an organisational department responsible for the project of digitizing the key/code ownership process. The project was triggered by several Audit findings about lost and faulty ownership documentation.

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