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Application for room bookings of simple to complex room bookings including catering, meeting equipment and billing

Room Booking Management





18 Person Months

M365 SharePoint, Angular 10, .NET Core 3.1

Client starting point

The client has a dedicated department for the management of larger meeting rooms & catering in those rooms. Until then room bookings of those larger rooms were made by calling the department via phone an discussing the necessities of the booking like the date, the number of guests and the seating structure, finding an appropriate room, and talking about the catering and equipment. The booking manager then organised everything. He called the catering department to book the catering. He organised the equipment to be in place for the meeting. He organised the chairs and tables together with the janitor and cared for the billing after the meeting took place. He did all this manually with the help of paper and Excel.

The Solution

The application is a centralized web based mobile ready solution with pages for the room manager for creating bookings if someone books by phone, pages for regular users for booking rooms and catering themselves, pages for the janitor where he can get the daily room bookings and the necessary equipment and seating. For the manager the applications offers pages and reporting pages (especially for optimising room utilization) to create invoices and do the whole billing. The whole process was implemented in an efficient and seamless way with one web application. The UI for the regular users and the janitor is very simple and guides the user narrowly. The manager pages are more complex and allow for more sophisticated bookings (over several days with different rooms and catering).


The application was developed for appr. 10 room managers, 40 janitors and 25,000 regular users. The Client was a dedicated department for the management of larger meeting rooms & catering in those rooms. The project was triggered by several issues like unprepared rooms, inefficient room utilisation and problems with catering.

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