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Management of mandatory and optional Compliance, Safety and Introduction Courses for Employees

Management of Trainings





12 Person Months

M365, Angular 10, .NET Core 5.0, SQL Server

Client starting point

Pretty usual for a larger enterprise in the financial business is the need for a lot of courses like safety, security, data security and many other trainings which are either mandatory or optional. With 20.000 employees that meant around 100.000 trainings to be perfectly managed per year. There was no centralised system in place for managing the planning, invitation, application and confirmation of the trainings so there were different systems in place and a lot of staff, organising and following up all the trainings. So mistakes, meaning untrained employees, happened from time to time which led to the Auditing Department addressing findings to various departments in the enterprise that were reported to the board several times per year.

The Solution

The application lets managers plan and manage mandatory and optional trainings like Safety Trainings or Data Protection Instructions. It lets him plan the trainings, invite attendees and walks through a few steps of the implemented business process.  It let's the attendees see their own sessions and confirm their attendance. At each step the attendees and managers are informed via Email with links to the corresponding parts of the application. The application uses the Active Directory either of Azure or the on premise Windows Network. The UI was fully customized to the needs of the client.


The application was developed for appr. 1,500 manager users and 40,000 normal users. The Client was a controlling department responsible for the enterprise wide process of teaching the legally mandatory Instructions/Guidances/Briefings to the appropriate users. The reporting part of the application was used by level 1 management (CEO and one level below) of the company.

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